Who Is Away On The Road?


Hi! We are Sharleen and Darrell Agar, and we are a Canadian couple embarking on an adventure throughout Europe. We have both lived in Calgary, Alberta, Canada our whole lives, and have been looking for an opportunity to live abroad. We’ve come close a few times through our professions, however after close to 5 years of waiting for an opportunity to arise we’ve decided to go all in and take the leap.

We are huge fans of adventure and travel, and are excited for an opportunity to add some stamps to our passports. Most of our travel up until this point has been throughout North America, with a couple of trips through Europe, a visit to Dubai and Abu Dhabi, and a family vacation to Costa Rica. Neither one of us took a gap year before starting our careers, so we are looking forward to having our delayed gap year in our 30’s.

We started seriously thinking about this adventure 11 months ago, while we were on vacation in Croatia in May 2017. When we got back from our holidays, we knew we wanted to explore the idea of traveling for a year, and we gave ourselves 6 months to seriously look into what it would take to make that happen. We spent 6 months exploring a destination, logistics, pros and cons financially and with our careers, and preliminary planning. After 6 months, on Christmas Day 2017, we committed to our adventure and finalized Europe as the destination.

We want to blog our experience as we travel so people can follow our adventures, or maybe get some ideas on how they can do a similar trip! So visit our blog, follow us on social media, and feel free to leave comments, suggestions, or recommendations for us as we start our European adventure!